Top 3 Action Games to Play

Far Cry 5

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This is an open world first-person shooting game. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto, the game is highly interactive with the open world. The best part is it does not restrict the gamer to do anything, basically, you do whatever you feel like and go wherever you want to.

The possibilities are countless. You can go mountain hiking top fishing or blow things up everywhere with your ammunition and weapons. It is difficult to get bored playing this game.

The story is alright for the most part and character plots are well defined. There is absolutely no lack of content in this game and to top things off there are side mission and arcade game modes to keep you involved when you don’t want to follow the storyline.

Apex Legends

The only odd one out on the list, but just because Apex: Legends is a battle-royale shooter does not mean that the game lacks pure thrills of an action game. In fact this game is more than just action – it is dependent on communication with online teammates.

Game characters have powerful abilities and use different weapons to fight. Just like other battle-royale games, it is mandatory to learn weapons and what they do but it is also crucial to know about the characters.

This game is a revolution in the gaming industry because it synergizes character abilities and rules of battle-royale together. The game’s gunplay is based on Titanfall 2 mechanics, which were brilliant but are even better here.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

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The amazing series of Lara Croft’s adventure trilogy comes to an end with this part as its final piece. The story has got some critics about being fast and poorly narrated, and it is, if you nitpick. However, the game is very praiseworthy for the most part. The previous part of the game was a huge success and this one comes very close, if not equal to it.

Firstly, the gameplay of this title is outstanding. The world around you is just waiting to be explored and there are so many interactions you can do. The shooting and stealth mechanics of the game are also supreme and possibly even better than the last part.

The role of Lara who is the protagonist of the game is strong and well done. The weapons most commonly used are a bow, pistol, rifle and shotgun. The weapons are upgradable as you proceed in the game. Lara can hide in bushes, mud and on top of trees and can orchestrate attacks without using a single bullet and that is how stealth works in the game.


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